About Us

We are continuing our journey that we started in 2004 in İstanbul İkitelli, with the same enthusiasm that we had in the beginning, continuously adapting ourselves to what’s new, through research and development. With the philosophy of always aiming to produce the better, we participated in the projects of new design – new technology shoes and boots four years ago, with Turkish Armed Forces. Our primary aim in the boots and shoes we designed was not only foot comfort but also resistance in the most challenging conditions and usability in different weather conditions.

I would like to proudly announce that our New Generation Waterproof Shoes and Boots designed with Breathable Technology, which we developed thanks to the investments made and after two years of long, hard work, successfully passed the field and laboratory tests, and are now being supplied within the Turkish Armed Forces.

With this new technology, the shoes and boots remain water-proof and do not get wet and heavy in rain or snow, even in case of wearing them for long periods of time, dry quickly and thanks to its breathable design, prevent fungal infection of the feet. When required, they are designed to provide thermal insulation up to -38°C for cold weather conditions, thus protecting the feet from cold. This will put an end to the problems suffered by our soldiers for years due to boots designed with outdated technology.